About Me

Hi, I'm Callum - also known as TotallyNotCallum. I have managed communities since early 2014, I have owned many communities and have a lot of experience in managing them. I put 100% effort into all of my projects, one of which is SyteSpace - a unique and cost-effective hosting solution.


  • Time management
  • Non-biased opinions
  • Experience within Minecraft general management
  • Experience within Minecraft Plugins
  • Documentational writing
  • Player management


Due to a lot of my past experience being on smaller servers which I was mainly a Helper & Moderator on, I will list my main and most important ones which had the most effect on me as a person.

SyteSpace - Managing Director

One of the best experiences and achievements is acquiring my company SyteSpace. Myself and Adam, mentioned above, took over SyteSpace in early 2018. When acquiring the company SyteSpace was not successful at all, the previous management were running a free server scheme. Which would only bring the company to its knees. Myself & Adam when taking over the company abandoned this scheme, and created a sustainable pricing system. Since then we have expanded into offering Minecraft Hosting, Web Hosting, Discord Bot Hosting and Many other games. In 4 different locations across the globe.

MCGroup - Founder & Owner

Fairly recently, me & a few friends founded MCGroup. We specalise in making projects happen in the gaming communinity, we have many subsidiaries which cover a wide range of audiences. From Trading sites, to minecraft networks and even to a minecraft server list. MCGroup is constantly expanding and reaching incrediable goals.

VictrixNetwork - Development Lead & Owner

One of my most notable steps in my experience is definitely my role in VictrixNetwork. I joined Victrix in early 2016, not long after I left BillCraft. When I joined Victrix it was fairly quiet with the owner at the time, Adam, development slowed down due to Adam’s personal reasons. However, when I managed to get onto the Staff team and started development on the factions gamemode development started to pick up speed again, the gamemode went onto be fairly successful at release. I helped Adam and eventually got made Owner, VictrixNetwork still exists today! And is undergoing a full redevelopment as well as a rebirth.

RisingTide - Development Manager

I currently work for risingtide.cc, as their development manager. We provide a never seen before factions expirence in the current factions community, releasing brand new - never seen before features and gameplay changes. My position at RisingTide involves managing the development across our network & nodes, and bringing our development & sever as a whole together.